Monday, December 3, 2007

Review: Yummy Fabrics

So, I ordered a few things from Yummy Fabrics recently. Have to say, I'm very pleased with the service.

The color of the fabric was very accurate (I looked at home initially, and then ordered from work, so I saw it on two monitors), the order was shipped the day after it was placed- and I placed it on a Friday! I also got a bias folder (since I am lazy), and some new fabric pencils (since I needed them desperately, I've been making do without for ages with less than stellar results. Mine were lost in the move,um, a year and a half ago.).

They tossed in some 4"x4" swatches of fabrics listed as new on the site. Also included a free 60" tape measure. Can never have too many of those! So yeah, I'd totally order from them again. (also, I saw a few fabrics on their site that were also on equilter, but yummy fabrics had them for a bit less.)

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j. said...

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